Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iMovie HD vs. iMovie

When I found out there was a new upgrade for iLife I decided to look at the presentations on the Apple site. Of course I wanted to learn about the new features. Well, that had me sold - at least initially.

All excited, I went ahead and purchased the new software. I installed it and was looking at the tutorials. In the newspaper I noticed a review that stated that new version of iMovie left out some features included in older versions of the software. Later when I checked, I confirmed what the review said. There are fewer titling and credit options and no fun filters.

On the upside, the new version has more precise tools for editing and a new Adjust window menu – like the one included in iPhoto. The handling of sound looks easier for making transitions between sounds – that really irked me in a recent video I made using the older version.

Fortunately I have two Macs. So, now I have the new version on one Mac and the old version on the other Mac. That is not ideal, but it gives me the ability to build a project using both machines. Hopefully this step backwards will be rectified. It is irritating when this kind of trade-off is made. Recently, I used two special effects included in the old version of iMovie to make the movie posted below.

Road Home Highway

This was filmed as I drove home on I-10. The video footage was manipulated in iMovie HD. Then "Breakbeat", music from iLife, was added.

2 min 8 sec

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gallery Spin

Last fall I shot this video at the Westwego Art Center. I had gallery duty and I was bored silly. When I got home I wasn’t that thrilled with the footage I shot. Since then I played with special effects and finally settled on “ghost trails.”

Last night I played with sounds for a bit. This afternoon I finally settled on the music combination that you hear. I kept it simple.

On the morning of December 22nd this space was covered with water because of a flash flood. I blogged about the flood on pic folio.

1 min 32 sec